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How to harvest coconut water and make coconut milk:
*I made three holes in the coconut using a screwdriver and hammer.  

*Using a mesh metal strainer and a glass mixing bowl i put the
coconut upside down in the strainer and let it drip into the glass bowl.

*After several minutes of draining i took the coconut outside and slammed it repeatedly into the corner of the concrete steps.  Turning the coconut to a different side each time i hit the concrete.  This weakens the shell all the way around and helps it to break off. 

*Once you have it broken apart you have to pry the meat away from the nut.  From there i used a pairing knife to peel off the brown peeling that is on the outside of the meat. 

*For every 1 cup of meat i cut up and placed in blender i added 1 cup of hot water.

*I used the whole foods button on my blender and let it run it's cycle then left the pulp and water mixture in the blender for about 10 minutes.  I blended it 1 more time through the smoothie cycle and left sitting for another 5 minutes. 

*Next i poured the pulp through the strainer and used the back of a spoon to press on the meat so that more liquid would strain. 

*I left the strainer over my bowl and placed it all in my fridge to drip for the rest of the night.  Be sure to use a bowl deep enough that the bottom of your strainer basket is not going to wind up being submerged under the coconut milk.

*Now you have coconut milk.  For Vanilla coconut milk: To personal taste; add a little bit of coconut sugar, green leaf stevia, and vanilla. 

*I reserved the coconut water for a smoothie.
Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream using Young Green Coconuts
Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

*A young green coconut has much softer meat versus a brown coconut.  I followed the same steps in the left column in preparing the green coconut.

*When you blend the meat of a young green coconut it will puree.  Become pudding like. 

*To make the ice cream above i blended 1:1 ratio of the meat and water.  I also used half coconut water instead plain water.

*To the blender i added coconut sugar, green leaf stevia, and vanilla to taste.  Plus 3 egg yolks (raw from backyard hens). Plus 1 cup of raw milk.

*In a saucepan i made a chocolate sauce using organic cocoa powder, vanilla, rapadura and 1/2 a pint of organic cream.

*Once i achieved the taste i desired in the chocolate sauce i poured the contents of blender into a mixing bowl and added the warm sauce slowly while mixing with a wire whisk.  After thoroughly mixed i covered it and let it sit over night in the refrigerator. 

*The next evening i proceeded according to my ice cream makers instructions.