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Dessert that is almost healthy.
I say almost health because i do not think any sugar is healthy even if the sweetener is natural.
Organic Strawberries with Chocolate Creamcheese
1 cup of homemade creamcheese (room temp)
1 cup of raw or organic heavy cream (straight from cold fridge)
2 tsp homemade vanilla
Organic cocoa powder and sweetener to taste.

I used a combination of 1/2 cup of rapunzel rapadura and green leaf stevia.  Probably about 3/4 to 1 cup of cocoa powder.  Mixing bowl, beaters.  Add cream cheese, vanilla, sweetener, cocoa powder to bowl and mix on low to incorporate cream cheese and dry ingredients.  Once mixed add heavy cream a little at a time until smooth.  Hold back about 1/2 a cup of cream.  Once it is well mixed and smooth add the rest of the cream and whip up on medium speed.