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The kids are growing fast and ready for a their new home!  They are just over 2 months old now. Very spunky, healthy, and affectionate.  The girls have nice teats for their age and i am hoping between both their parents milk lines will make their future owners very happy with their milk production and udders.
One of the boys was MIA when this photo was taken.  The 2 kids in the forefront are Hannlei's kids.  She is also for sale as i have decided i would rather pursue Mini-Nubians.  She is currently in milk. 

This on is the 2nd buckling that was MIA from above.  He looks very similar to the male above.  He has better confirmation than the male above as well and cute waddles.  This buckling and the 2nd white doeling in the photo (behind the other doeling) are Layla's kids.  I am selling this mom as well.  She is currently in milk.

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