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Abate Fetel (ah-BAH-tay fuh-TEL) it is considered
Italy's favorite pear.  Descriptions online say it is long, banana-shaped and noted for its sweet, fruity flavor. It is medium to large with a smooth russet over a yellow background. The flesh is white and aromatic.

Testing Ripeness; Gently press on the stem end with your thumb it should give gently
if it is ready to eat.

Mustard Greens
There is a lot of good information for MG at this website:

Most recipes i saw were the usual southern style, cooked in bacon grease :).

Rapini aka Broccoli Rabe
It can be cooked in a pan just until wilting like other greens, steamed, or cook by braising.  Many recipes called for olive oil during the cooking process.  Keep in mind olive oil is a very fragile = heat sensitive and should not be used for cooking but instead for cold dishes.  Or to toss hot foods in once they have been removed from heat.  Heating olive oil above 200-225˚F causes it to become toxic.
I found this recipe by Emeril intriguing:  It calls for Pancetta, Italian bacon.  It is the pork belly that is cured with salt and seasonings instead of the smoking and such that is done to American bacon.

French Fingerlings - small slender potatoes.
I do not think any more infomation is necessary ;)